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Internet of Things (IoT) is defined as a dynamic global network infrastructure with self configuring capabilities based on standard and interoperable communication protocols where physical and virtual “things” have identities, physical attributes, and virtual personalities, use intelligent interfaces, and are seamlessly integrated into the information network.

In the IoT, “smart things/objects” are expected to become active participants in business, information and social processes where they are enabled to interact and communicate among them-selves and with the environment by exchanging data and information “sensed” about the environment, while reacting autonomously to the “real/physical world” events and influencing it by running processes that trigger actions and create services with or without direct human intervention.

Services will be able to interact with these “smart things/objects” using standard interfaces that will provide the necessary link via the Internet, to query and change their state and retrieve any information associated with them, taking into account security and privacy issues.

Research findings exhibited at the International Conference on Smart IOT applications (ICSIA-2021) in the form of papers may be considered by famous magazines, thus assisting as an exemplary program for everybody from scholars and educators, to academicians, investigative experts, students, and trainees, to communicate their unique proposals and novel investigative conclusions at an international level.