Welcome to Conference in November 2021

International Conference on Smart IOT applications

Organized By : Institute For Engineering Research and Publication (IFERP)

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Objective of the Conference

The main aim of International Conference On Smart IOT Applications 2021 is to unify everything in world including things, people, place and process under a common infrastructure to provide information and control of state of objects around us. An attempt has been made in this Conference to give an idea about IoT technology, opportunities and its future scope.

To provide new means to understand the existing and emerging threats that are targeting the IoT based economy and the citizens’ network. To research and analyse how can Blockchain contribute to improving IoT solutions. Moreover, to understand how to solve the know issues o IoT and blockchain.

To introduce the concept and provide the prototype implementation of (virtualized) and self-cognitive, IoT oriented honeypots, easily configurable so as to meet the standards of and adapt to any IoT platform across domains (e.g. embedded mobile devices, smart homes/cities, security & surveillance, etc.) that will be both integrally connected with the core network components and centrally controlled, as well as that will have a transparent function within the network’s total behaviour either it is active or passive.

To deliver the design and implement the corresponding prototype of smart SDN routers for the dynamic (i) detection of suspicious/high risk paths, (ii) re-planning and (iii) re-scheduling of the routing paths of the transmitted information in IoT networks over secure and (per user- or per case-) preferable connections, supporting among others the interference of the human (i.e. semi-supervised approach), when needed. Furthermore, this objective will design and implement a suitable substrate of fog nodes to support secure allocation of compute, storage and network resources for i) localized processing of sensitive information, ii) define the security requirements of a path coordinated by SDN, and iii) enable secure communication with the core cloud.

To introduce an extra, security dedicated, physical layer to the manufacturing of existing IoT platforms and de-vices so as to offer a secure-by-design architecture and monitoring capabilities for the sake of the network. To explore introduction of Blockchain as a security and privacy preserving layer for IoT. Along with improving the shortcomings of the existing efforts devoted to it.View More

Scope of the Conference

The International Conference on Smart IOT applications (ICSIA-2021), one of the most thorough expert conventions of its brand in the globe, has been particularly devised to confer technological and other support to enhance research and experimental initiatives, propagating high-quality investigative conclusions, as well as experimental journals/reports.

Smart IOT attracts thousand’s of technologists, business leaders and senior business managers. An unrivalled showcase of established and emerging technology, where the IT community comes together to share a wealth of knowledge, source services and solutions to drive innovation, move into new industries, deliver first-class customer experiences, successfully navigate change and forge new business models.

As industries and businesses develop towards a new normal, there is no longer a question of if to digitally transform, but how quickly can it happen.IoT provides the foundations for transformation, by utilizing next generation networks to collect data from mass connected devices and drive actionable business insights, operational efficiencies and data driven product offerings through AI. IoT showcases organizations leading the way in IoT adoption, enabling them to propel into a new world of business quicker, with more accurate data, ensuring their business can thrive through new technology adoptions.

One of the goals of ICSIA-2021 is to provide professionals a world-class platform to administer experimental outcomes by utilizing modern approaches of administering knowledge. This unique discourse production will be of enormous gain to scholars partaking in the conference. Specialists will also be beckoned to define vital investigation topics in recognized sectors in the areas of Artificial Intelligence.

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Call for Paper

ICSIA-2021 seeks contributions on how to nurture and cultivate IoT technologies and applications for the benefit of society. ICSIA seeks contributions on the latest research and innovations related to the Internet of Things and digital transformation. The call welcomes papers on technological innovations (from Artificial Intelligence to 5G and nanotechnology, Papers related to IOT), as well as on applications for the benefit of society, including sustainable development, smart industry, smart cities and mobility, health, smart agriculture, privacy and safety.